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We live in the Dayton, Ohio area. Our servers are located in other major United States cities where the internet bandwidth is better.

We were dissatisfied with the high cost, poor service, and lack of security at other commercial web hosting providers. We found that response time to fix a problem in a server on the East Coast was generally unacceptable when the hosting owners and support staff live on the West Coast.

We guarantee that no adult sites will be hosted on our servers. It is a violation of our policy, and will result in immediate shutdown of the site, without refund! Any one that insists on providing adult material on the internet will have to use some other web hosting company to do it, NOT ours.

We are very proud of our spam and virus filters on our email system. They stop MOST unpleasant emails and nasty viruses from getting to you.

Our servers are housed in secure, climate controlled commercial communications and data center facilities with full diesel generator backup uninterruptable power.

We protect your web site and email data as if it were our own. Full backups are created weekly, incremental backups are created daily, and all backup files are duplicated offsite on a different server. The full previous week of backup files, and all current week backup files are kept online (and offsite) in a secure directory for fast recovery of important files.

We don't support the programs and services that might compromise server security. We do NOT support Telnet because it sends your password in a way that hackers can intercept and use to break into your account. We use SSH (Secure Shell) which encrypts ALL traffic, including your password! We do support FTP (which also sends your password as clear text) but REALLY prefer and recommend that you use SCP (Secure Copy) or SFTP (Secure FTP), again to encrypt and protect your precious password. We also provide secure webmail access to your email accounts.

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